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Applied research
Who researches?

Interest groups

These are open groups on a specific topic, much more specific than the sphere of a research group, that are constituted with the aim of sharing ideas and experiences, preferably related to one of the areas of interest detected or promoted by the institution, and with eminently practical objectives, based around the education model.

Although their objectives are not those of a research group – publish, secure funding through competitive projects, supervise doctoral theses, etc. – interest groups are expected to be able to promote the achievement of some of these aspects. Similarly, interest groups and research groups are not isolated compartments, but can instead share elements or generate synergies. The eLearn Center provides support in the dissemination of the group's activity and the presentation of the results obtained.

Existing interest groups:

  • e-Assessment. Coordinator: Lourdes Guàrdia
  • Drop-out. Coordinator: Julià Minguillón
  • Oral and Written Expression. Coordinator: Ona Domènech

If you are interested in taking part in any of the groups that currently exist, you can mail elearncenter@uoc.edu.

If, on the contrary, you want to propose a new topic on which to work to create a new group, please fill in this form.