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Applied research
Who researches?

Research groups

EdOnline. Educational Supports to Learn in Online Environments 

Knowledge creation processes in e-learning environments

Principal investigator: Teresa Guasch

EduL@b. Education and ICT

Application of new teaching and learning methodologies using ICT

Principal investigator: Montse Guitert

eHealthLab. The UOC Telemedicine Laboratory

Integration of ICT in health systems. Platform 2.0 of telemedicine applications.

Principal investigator: Francesc Saigí

GO2SIM. Innovative tools for e-learning

Analysis, design and study of innovative tools applied to teaching. Gamification and simulation in distance-learning environments, especially business game simulations.

Principal investigator: Enric Serradell

ITOL. Interactive Tools for Online Learning

Design of spaces, tools and resources that aid the learning process of students in virtual environments in universities.

Principal investigator: Carlos Monzo


Learning analytics for innovation in and improvement of higher education.

Principal investigator: Teresa Sancho

MeL. Management & eLearning

Teaching management in virtual environments. e-learning management.

Principal investigator: Josep Maria Batalla

RETELL. Research in Technology Enhanced Language Learning

Language teaching and learning in blended and virtual environments using innovative teaching methodologies, as well as state-of-the-art tools.

Principal investigator: Christine Appel


Knowledge engineering and human-computer interaction.

Principal investigator: M. Antònia Huertas