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Applied research
Applied Research Support Service (SuRA)

With the aim of providing support to applied research work in the field of e-learning, the eLearn Center offers UOC faculty and research staff a service that meets the most usual advisory needs that arise in this area.

The service consists of personalized advice sessions with an expert in the methodological field relating to the needs posed by the researcher. The aim is to provide guidance in solving any issues related to the research, both in the initial design phase and in the development or final phases.

Specifically, the advice on offer revolves around the following aspects or others related to them:

  • Analysis of quantitative data.
  • Analysis of qualitative data.
  • Instrument design and validation.
  • Online questionnaires.
  • Creation of databases (preparation of data for analysis).
  • Designing interviews.
  • Writing the scientific text for publication.

This service is available to members of the UOC community who have an active research project related to e-learning or the UOC education model that meets the following conditions:

  • It is funded by an internal call.
  • It is funded by an external competitive call.
  • It is part of a doctoral thesis connected to the eLearn Center.
  • It is connected to an Aplica or Innova innovation project or it is promoted by an institutional initiative.
  • It is a study or analysis conducted on the initiative of an interest group within the framework of the eLearn Center.

To request the service, anyone interested simply has to complete this form and the eLearn Center will put them in contact with the most suitable advisor for their need.