Doctoral Programme in Education and ICT (e-learning)

Author: Francesc Llorens Cerdà
Programme: Doctoral Programme in Education and ICT (e-learning)
Language: Spanish
Supervisor: Dr Albert Sangrà Morer
Faculty / Institute: eLearn Center
Subjects: Science and Knowledge, Research, Culture, Humanities, Social Sciences, Education, Teaching, Education, Free Time
Key words: Education theories, e-learning, Social research design
Area of knowledge: Pedagogy

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This doctoral thesis has analysed the teaching function of tutoring at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya with the aim of ascertaining whether this function, as conceived in theory and carried out in practice, is in line with the parameters that theoretical review determines as inherent to e-learning in higher education, identifying the roles and skills that comprise it and assessing the work of the tutors that carry it out.

The research has considered two phases, one theoretical and the other empirical: the first involves the identification of the characteristics that comprise the tutoring function on the course in question. At the same time, the aim of this information is to lay down the foundations for an assessment framework on which to subsequently build the planned research instruments.

Through meticulous research design, the second part of the thesis assesses how the function of tutoring is carried out with the aim of determining the perception that students, lecturers in charge of the subject, counsellors, and the tutors themselves have of the latter's teaching practice.