Doctoral Programme in Education and ICT (e-learning)

Author: Mireia Usart Rodrguez
Programme: Doctoral Programme in Education and ICT (e-learning)
Language: English
Supervisors: Dr Elena Barbera and Dr Margarida Romero 
Faculty / Institute: eLearn Center

Key words: time perspective, time on task, game-based learning, learning performance,adult education, finance

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The research focuses on the idea of change as a result of the integration of ICT in the classrooms of a group of schools that have a common identity. Quaternion organization, methodology, training and change is the underlying idea. Spain has its own uniqueness: legislative changes in education laws. Teachers end up being self-managed, changing and adapting to their classes those means that they perceive as a useful and with added value for the user easily access information with any device. Educational institutions are still rigid spaces where decisions are made by management teams that not always agree with the idea of change or the impetus to change, but it is not due to ignorance. The return to centralised education laws, where school results derive from standardised tests, may be the cornerstone that collides with new methodologies that should result from networking with ICT.