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Arts and Humanities Department
Dissemination and publications

Academic journals and web spaces

Artnodes. Journal on art, sciences and technology

Coordinated by Computing, Multimedia and Telecommunication Faculty, Humanities Faculty and Information and Communication Sciences Faculty, it publishes contributions geared towards the contemplation and study of the intersections between art, science and technology.

Digithum. Humanities in the digital age

Promoted by Humanities Faculty and Languages and Culture Faculty, it publishes articles of reflection or research results that analyse transformations to humanities and social sciences in the digital age.


Lletra UOC. Catalan Literature Online

An initiative of the UOC, Ramon Llull Institute and the Institute of Catalan Arts of the Catalan Regional Government to promote Catalan literature.


UOC Papers. e-Journal on the Knowledge Society

All the UOC's faculties form part of the editorial panel of this multidisciplinary journal, the aim of which is to publish informative texts that focus on the confluence of the University's areas of interest with the knowledge society.