Presentation - East Asian Studies Programme - Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)

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Faculty of Arts and Humanities
East Asian Studies


The UOC’s East Asian Studies programme is a consequence of interest among people in the west in gaining a clear, reliable, cliché-free insight into the countries of Asia. The surge in that interest is attributable to east Asia’s economies having developed tremendously and become highly significant in the global economy in recent years, as well as to cultural, artistic, social and religious aspects of countries such as China and Japan having come to hold greater sway over the west, where processes such as immigration and globalisation have led to their assimilation into and adaptation to our way of life.

Organised into a second-cycle degree and a master’s degree, the East Asian Studies programme is designed to provide professionals with training that paints a clear, composite, accurate picture of the region’s countries. It enables students to acquire the knowledge they need to understand the history and culture of the countries in question, in their own context and that of the globalised world, as well as in relation to the way of life with which learners are most familiar. On the basis of its cross-disciplinary approach, the programme covers subject matter such as economics, sociology anthropology, politics, commerce, history, philosophy, religion, literature, art, traditions and lifestyles.

The East Asian Studies programme is one of the range of courses run by the UOC’s Faculty of Arts and Humanities. Its teaching staff comprises members of the UOC’s faculty and temporary lecturers.