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Faculty of Arts and Humanities
East Asian Studies

Useful links for teaching

Asia for Educators, Columbia University

An initiative of Columbia University’s Weatherhead East Asian Institute, this resource offers concise information on aspects of east Asian history, culture, geography, art, etc. The Primary Sources section, which features freely accessible texts in PDF format, may be particularly useful for students.

Visualizing Cultures, MIT

A collection of images related to various aspects of the modern history of China and Japan, with commentaries from experts.

Modern Chinese Literature and Culture, Ohio State University

A directory containing information on bibliographies and materials on literature, cinema, art, music and culture in modern and contemporary China.

New Books in East Asian Studies

A collection of podcasts in which experts on east Asia present their latest books and essays.

UNESCO YouTube Channel

A range of brief videos on cultural aspects of Japan, China and Korea. A potentially useful visual tool for students or lecturers.

La hora de Asia, RNE

Broadcast by Radio Exterior de Espaa (a radio station operated by Radio Nacional de Espaa), this programme explains current affairs in the Asia-Pacific region. It is possible to download the programme’s podcasts and research specific topics.

JGuide, Stanford University

Stanford University’s guide to Japan, featuring various useful (non-academic) online resources on art, entertainment, anime, manga, museums, business, etc.

About Japan: A teacher's resource

A website to which different tools and resources related to Japan are regularly added.  While designed for primary and secondary education, it is useful for its summaries on various social and historical aspects of Japan, and is a good source of photos that could give a more visual idea of matters dealt with textually in classrooms. Students might find its brief reports on facets of Japan’s modern and contemporary history useful.

Japanese Text Initiative

Established by the University of Virginia Library Electronic Text Center and the University of Pittsburgh East Asian Library, this website features a collection of online classical Japanese literary texts. Its additional links and dictionaries are useful for students.

National Diet Library

Online access to National Diet Library collections, offering many visual resources on Japan’s history. The images and explanations related to exchanges between the Netherlands and Japan are particularly interesting, as are the images of intellectuals from the Meiji period.

Koreana - A Quarterly on Korea Art and culture

A journal containing a great deal of varied information on culture, art, folklore, etc. Many of its articles are available in Spanish. A potentially useful resource for students to look up information related to Korea.

Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History, Metropolitan Museum de Nueva York

A useful resource for students to familiarise themselves with the evolution of art in China, Japan and Korea, as well as with the main periods in the history of art in the countries in question.

OMuRAA (Online Museums Resources of Asian Art)

A repository of online resources from museums throughout the world with east Asian art collections.

World Bank

A website whose content includes up-to-date statistical information on east Asian countries.

Freedom House

A website that presents the situation with regard to human rights and democracy across the planet, and particularly in the case of Asia.  Since 1972 (1978, in book format), Freedom House has published an annual report, Freedom in the World, which uses a calculation based on the status of political and civil rights to rate the extent of democratic liberty in every country on a scale of one (most free) to seven (least free). The reports are widely studied by social scientists.

Asia Society

Asia Society is one of the foremost educational organisations working to promote mutual understanding between the USA and Asia. Its website contains information on the arts, business, culture, education and politics.

World Values Survey

A website featuring information on the World Values Survey, a global research project that examines people’s values and beliefs, how they change over time, and their social and political impact.

The variables that the survey takes into account are support for democracy, tolerance of foreigners and ethnic minorities, support for gender equality, the role of religion and changing levels of religiousness, the impact of globalisation, subjective wellbeing and attitudes towards the environment, work, family, politics, national identity, culture, diversity and insecurity.

The International Journal of Asian Studies

A journal with an unequivocally interdisciplinary approach to aspects of social sciences and humanities. Its articles tend to include comparisons between Asian regions.