Careers area - Cultural Management - Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)

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Faculty of Arts and Humanities
Cultural Management

Careers area

Careers paths

There are career paths open to Cultural Management programme graduates in each of the three sectors of the working population, i.e. the public sector (in administrative bodies at various levels), the NGO sector (in institutions and foundations) and the private sector (in private companies offering cultural services). The most established career paths in the sectors in question include:

  • Cultural management and policies

    Specialists employed by administrative bodies related to culture; specialists in planning and studies; specialists in cultural indicators; specialists and advisers trained in the application of cultural policies at different levels; specialists in designing and assessing strategic plans in public and private organisations and action plans in specific cultural amenities and projects; etc.

  • Cultural industries and sectors

    Specialists employed by administrative bodies related to culture; theatre venue, exhibition hall and multipurpose cultural facility managers; specialists in different sectors such as publishing houses, audiovisual companies, theatre, dance and live art companies; etc.

  • Heritage interpretation and dissemination

    Specialists in natural and/or cultural heritage dissemination; educators in museums or other heritage-related bodies; exhibition and audience study assessors; museum project designers; etc.

  • Cultural tourism

    Designers of cultural tourism products and itineraries focusing on culture and heritage of all kinds (literary, natural, historical, archaeological, artistic and ethnographic); and specialists in local promotion and enhancing territorial development initiatives linked to cultural heritage.

    It is also worth noting that there is a whole new sphere of professional activity related to the use of ICTs in the cultural area, involving lines of work such as cultural communication and ICTS, and professions such as community manager, cultural website manager, cultural digital content producer, specialist in promoting culture, etc.