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Humanities Programme

Humanities in the digital age. Keys to understanding our world

At the UOC, the humanities offer a comprehensive, critical perspective on western cultural tradition and provide keys to understanding the modern world.

The programme encompasses highly diverse content (art, history, philosophy, literature, social sciences) unified by cross-disciplinary knowledge, a critical approach and a working methodology through which students are endowed with skills and resources that aid  personal development and integration into the vast professional arena of the humanities.

In a world in which knowledge acquisition is an evolving, collective process and personal development a crucial requirement, the UOC’s model of lifelong learning and use of new technologies enable students to meet the challenges that our constantly changing society poses.

The Humanities degree’s structure and wide-ranging options pave the way for students to follow various study plans (humanistic, cultural creation, cultural management or the contemporary world), based on their personal aspirations and interests.