Espai professional - Programa de Llengua i literatura catalanes - Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)

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Arts and Humanities Department
Catalan Language and Literature

Careers area

Job search resources

Barcelona Activa
Advice for creating businesses, career opportunities and other resources.

Catalan Government



Website where you can post your CV and search for job offers by sector.

Ramon Llull Institute
Subsidies, information about Catalan assistantships, among other resources.

Official College of Arts Graduates
Including ongoing training, preparation for entrance exams, legal advice and professional fees.

Rosa Sensat Primary School Teachers Association
  Association of primary school teachers united for the improvement of education that looks after the interests of this group and offers training courses specific to this sector.

Publishers Association of Catalonia
Representation, management, promotion and defence of the common interests of its members.

Catalan Employment Service - SOC
Vocational training, job search resources and related procedures.