Careers area - Catalan Language and Literature Programme - Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)

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Faculty of Arts and Humanities
Catalan Language and Literature


Careers paths

  • Designer and creator of tourism products related to the literary world: creation of cultural tourism routes and production of tourism materials in various formats that are related to authors or literary works.

  • Advisor on tourism materials and services related to the literary world: revision and guidance of tourism material related to the literary world, be it by author, work or literary trend in line with technical criteria.

  • Cultural animator and promoter: fostering communication and interaction with various cultural agents (creators, consumers, etc.) to incentivise the cultural activities that are staged and/or designed.

  • Guide book writer

  • Tourist guide: information about the heritage and cultural and natural assets conveyed attractively to tourists and visitors, interacting with them and awakening interest in them.

Complementary and specialisation training

A degree in Catalan Language and Literature gives graduates the essential skills they will need to work in these professions. However, in most cases complementary postgraduate training is recommended or even required. This specialist complementary training can be obtained by taking a range of postgraduate courses, which include the following:

You should also always remember the great importance of ongoing language learning to increase employment potential. In fact, for some professional profiles we show, it is essential to have other languages as well. As is widely known, there are many public and private institutions that offer foreign language teaching; here, we simply limit ourselves to mentioning the UOC Language School: