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Faculty of Health Sciences
Faculty of Health Sciences



CICUT (Clúster Iberoamericano de Colaboración Universitaria en Telemedicina, the Latin American Telemedicine University Corporation Cluster) is a UOC project for promoting and developing academic- and technical-cooperation, research and innovation programmes in telemedicine via collaborative work across a network of integrated university centres.

CICUT's vision is to become a space for excellence that facilitates network collaboration for generating and sharing cutting-edge knowledge on new health care methods based on integrating the ICTs to meet the challenges posed by the socio-economic changes of the 21st century.

The following are three of CICUT's most important collaboration and cooperation policies:

  • Contribute to the sustainable development of telemedicine to meet the challenge posed by the digital divide that separates countries with different levels of development and isolates large parts of society in these countries.
  • Strengthen ties between universities, society, the technological sector and government to standardise the use of telemedicine in health services.
  • Promote the development of telemedicine collaboration networks making use of the social Web and 2.0 technologies.