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Faculty of Health Sciences
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Telemedicine Laboratory

Education, research and scientific evaluation in telemedicine

The UOC is developing a virtual platform which enables access, at an information systems level, to different telemedicine applications set up in different healthcare institutions with three clearly differentiated objectives at an operational and structural level:

  • Education,
  • Research, and
  • Scientific evaluation.

On an education level, the Telemedicine Laboratory provides students in the UOC's Master's Degree in Telemedicine programme with information on designs and implementations, enabling knowledge to be obtained regarding the design, implementation process, integration and evaluation of telemedicine systems based on real experiences. This is linked to the fourth speciality of the UOC Master's Degree in Telemedicine (Strategies, implementation and evaluation of telemedicine projects in clinical practice).

On a research level, the laboratory plays the role of Virtual Research Centre in Telemedicine, enabling the conceptualisation of a theoretical model of telemedicine (according to the needs of the healthcare centre and the users, purpose and use; organisational, management and cultural changes; and favourable and distorting elements associated with the implementation process of a telemedicine experience). It acts as a worldwide point of reference for telemedicine theory and practice.

On a scientific evaluation level, it is aimed at healthcare professionals and institutions who are interested in implementing telemedicine experiences. The Laboratory offers access to virtual simulations of possible real experiences linked to a series of established parameters (ad hoc viability studies using virtual simulations) and a process analysis methodology (determination of strong/weak points of the proposed telemedicine experience, impact at an organisational level, etc.).

The Laboratory will have an associated Telemedicine Observatory. This Observatory will act as the link, at an information systems level, between the institutions responsible for different telemedicine experiences and the UOC, computerising the most relevant data for their subsequent analysis.