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Faculty of Law and Political Science

Advisory Board


The Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC) Faculty of Law and Political Science’s Advisory Board is made up of working professionals and representatives from guilds and bodies linked to the field covered by the department. The board helps strengthen the links between the teaching activities and the needs of the professional sector. Its members are as follows:


-         Anabel Marcos Vilar. Director of the Institute of Public Security of Catalonia.

          In representation attended: Marta Roca

-         Antonio Recio Cordoba, president of the Provincial Court of Barcelona.

           In representation attended: Josep Guiu

-         Agustí Colomines i Companys. Director of the School of Public Administration of Catalonia.

-         Anna Parés i Rifà, president of the Catalan Guild of Political and Social Scientists.

-         Miquel Roca i Junyent, chair of the Board of Directors, Roca Junyent law firm.

-         Josep Oriol Rusca i Nadal, president of the Barcelona Bar Association.

-         Gabriel Capilla Vidal. Director of the Centre of Juridical Studies and Specialised Formation.