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Food Systems, Culture and Society
Programme description

Work Load

Work load

Our courses are 100% Internet based. Courses follow a schedule (they are not self-taught) but they are run asynchronously, which means that you can participate when it is convenient for you.

We have designed the course around the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System which attributes 1 credit to 25 hours of work. It is estimated that 25 hours of work will produce average results in the course (e.g., 75%). Given that many of our students are native English speakers and may not have a lot of experience with University courses, we have allotted time somewhat generously so as to not sacrifice content.

A lot depends on you and how much you want to contribute to the virtual discussions and debates. The assignments are included in the time estimates.

Over 80% of UOC students work full time while taking courses. Our educational model has been designed to be very flexible and to support the time constraints of our students. Please remember that flexibility does not mean easy. These are Master’s level programmes and you will be expected to participate and produce high-quality work.

Finally, we are an online university and make use of online technologies. If you have limited Internet connectivity or infrequent access to Internet you may find it hard to fully participate in the courses. Please carefully consider your Internet access before registering for these courses.