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Food Systems, Culture and Society
Programme description

About UOC Postgraduate Programmes

About UOC Postgraduate Programmes

UOC postgraduate education is adapted to the European Higher Education Area. In the Department of Food Systems, Culture and Society, we offer programmes that lead to UOC-specific qualifications, including Masters’, Postgraduate Diplomas and Specialisations.

The UOC’s Department of Food Systems, Culture and Society conforms to the guiding principles for UOC Postgraduate Studies.

These guiding principles, born out of the UOC’s expertise, include:

  • Multi-disciplinarity
  • Mobility
  • Professionalization
  • Quality
  • Flexibility
  • Cross-disciplinarity
  • Sustainability

These guidelines have been taken into account in the development of all of our programmes. They are mainly based on the standards and guidelines for Quality Assurance in the European Higher Education Area.

UOC postgraduate programmes guarantee the relevance, suitability and competitiveness of the educational offering, as well as the accreditation and recognition of its quality, in line with the objectives defined in terms of:

The social function of the programme
  • To address the educational needs of a constantly changing society.
  • To meet social and labour market demands and needs, paying special attention to emerging professions and anticipating society’s educational needs.
  • To provide new population segments with lifelong learning options.
Educational needs of students
  • To meet the educational needs of UOC students.
  • To attract students by way of a broader educational offering adapted to different socio-geographic environments.
  • To establish lines of action for the mobility of lecturers and students and to facilitate different educational pathways with cross-disciplinarity.
  • To provide students with updated and cross-disciplinary education resulting from the knowledge synergies shared across different knowledge areas.
Programme design
  • To develop programmes with a curricular structure and a modular and flexible design.
  • To foster the specific expertise of the UOC’s knowledge areas.
  • To foster international agreements.
  • To promote internationalisation by way of a global focus in the design of postgraduate programmes.