Frequently asked questions
Registration process

What is the procedure for registering for the UOC Graduation 2017?

When you receive the email with the invitation to attend this year's event, you can register for the graduation ceremony at whichever city you prefer, using the form you will find on the website.  When you have filled in the form, you will receive a message confirming your registration, with basic instructions for the event.

Two days before the event, you will receive the invitation by email, which will give you access to the venue hosting the ceremony. In the same email, you will receive a link via which you will be able to choose the seats for your guests and print your tickets.

When does registration for the graduation ceremony open?

Registration opens on 16 October 2017 and closes on different dates, depending on the ceremony you want to attend:

  • Barcelona: 30 October 2017 for the events being held on 4 November. 20 November for the events being held on 25 November.
  • Madrid: 6 November 2017

Who should attend this year's event?

Everyone whose academic record has been closed during the period between 22 September 2016 and 22 September 2017 is invited to this year's graduation ceremonies.

How can I know which ceremony I should attend?

In Barcelona, the graduation ceremony is divided into four sessions, depending on the course you have followed. You can find this information at this link. In Madrid, a single graduation ceremony will be held for all courses.

If I'm graduating with two or more qualifications this year, what should I do?

In this case, you must choose which of the applicable graduation ceremonies  you want to attend. You must make this choice when registering for the event, using the form you will find on the website.

I haven't received any notification to attend the graduation ceremony. How can I know if I have graduated?

If you have any doubts about an academic issue, you should login to ​the Virtual ​Campus​ and ​place an inquiry there or fill in this contact form.

​Y​ou will be given information about the status of your academic record and, consequently, you will know if you are eligible for attending the ceremony. If you are eligible, we will be notified and we will include you in the graduate's list​. You will be contacted right after.

Ticket processing and seat assignment

How many people can I invite to come to the graduation ceremony?

Taking into account the seating capacity of the venues L'Auditori and Teatros del Canal, the maximum number of guests is four per graduate.

Does a child count as a guest?

A child will be considered a guest if he or she occupies a seat.

When and where can I collect the tickets?

As a graduate, you will receive the tickets by email during the week in which the graduation ceremony will be held, together with instructions for attending the event.

You must print these tickets.

When and where can I collect tickets for my guests?

In the same email in which you receive your ticket, we will send you a link via which you can choose the seats for your guests and print their tickets.

Can I choose where I and my guests sit?

Graduates and their guests sit in different areas of the hall. Due to the procedure of the ceremony, graduates cannot choose their own seats, but they can choose the seats of their guests.

If you have special needs, you can send your request to

On the day of the ceremony

On graduation day, what is the procedure for access to the ceremony?

On the day of the ceremony, you should arrive at the graduation venue, with your ticket and your guests’ tickets already printed, sufficiently in advance to be able to enter the hall and receive instructions from the personnel responsible for the smooth running of the event.

Graduates must enter the hall 30 minutes before the ceremony starts.

How long does the ceremony last approximately?

The ceremony lasts for approximately one and a half hours. This duration depends on the dynamics of the event and the number of graduates attending.

Will I be given the official certificate at the graduation ceremony?

During the event, the president will give you a commemorative gift that accredits that you are one of the graduates from the class of 2016–2017.

If I don't come to the ceremony, will the commemorative gift be sent to my home?

This gift is made specifically for the occasion and will not be sent later on.

If one of my guests or I myself have a special need (reduced mobility, anxiety, hearing problems, sight problems, etc.), do I need to give advance notification of this? How should I do this?

The organizers of the UOC's graduation ceremonies seek to cater for all the special needs that the people attending the event may have. So that we can plan all the measures and provide a suitable response, you must indicate any need you may have on the registration form or send an email to

Can I attend the graduation ceremony with babies or toddlers in pushchairs?

You can attend the event with babies or toddlers in pushchairs but bear in mind that it will not be possible to take the pushchair into the hall. The staff at the entrance to the venue will tell you where you can leave it.


Is there a specific dress code for the graduation ceremony?

No, there is no specific dress code. But as it is an academic event, we recommend formal dress.

Who can I contact to have my photograph taken for my graduating class mosaic?

You can send your queries to

Where will I be able to see the photos and videos of the graduation ceremony?

We will publish the photos and videos on this website a few days after the graduation ceremony. You will also be able to find there photos and videos from previous ceremonies.