Topic analysis
To prepare this section, a questionnaire was sent to all IN3 groups. Therefore, this section contains a summary of the views held by different members of the Institute about the key concepts the Institute researches. Below is a summary/consensus of the different aspects covered by the questionnaire.
What do we mean by “knowledge/network society”?
By network society we mean the paradigm of an emerging society resulting from greater centrality and a change in the conditions of knowledge generation and information and data processing, in relation to the use of new Internet technologies. The IN3 researches this paradigm shift, which encompasses transformations towards more open, collaborative and more frequently online formats in every area of society.
This general paradigm shift is an umbrella covering other concepts related to the transformations that society is undergoing, such as the “fourth industrial revolution” that is taking place through the emergence of “smart” technology in the industrial sector (industry 4.0).
Focus on interdisciplinarity
The IN3 focuses on various disciplines, from expert groups in the computer and engineering sciences to groups that work in the social and human sciences, analysing and designing solutions to social challenges.
Research focus
The IN3 carries out applied research of excellence, aimed at analysing and creating solutions to social challenges, and gives great importance to the communication and dissemination of research.
Understanding of technology
This is the concept most diversely interpreted. Some groups link technology with science more than others, some identify the more positive nature of technology, while others are open to the notion that it is not always beneficial.
Moreover, there seems to be a distinction between the focus of more technological groups, who present technology as detached from society, and the less technological groups, who define technology as a social construct inserted in social relationships.
Perhaps through this concept we can advance towards a meeting of these varying perspectives. The views of other concepts are generally more widely shared.
Identifying keywords
Internet, interdisciplinarity, innovation, applied research, Barcelona