March took part in the debate on public management of Aigües Ter-Llobregat at the Environment and Sustainability Committee at the Parliament of Catalonia.

Hug March, researcher with the IN3 group Urban Transformation in the Knowledge Society (TURBA Lab) and member of the Association of Environmentalists of Catalonia (COAMB), appeared before the   Environment and Sustainability Committee at the Parliament of Catalonia  on 11 May 2016 to continue the debate on   Aigües Ter-Llobregat returning to public management (Proposed law amending the first additional provision of Law 10/2011, of 29 December, on the simplification of improvement of the normative regulation).

Given that water is a fundamental human right, the nature of the monopoly on its supply, and the uncertainty regarding its availability in the future, all the speakers – including representatives of the UGT, CCOO and the platform  Aigua és Vida, and a technical advisor on public water services – highlighted the need to return ATLL to the public sector. It was also noted that the debate should be extended to the municipal level (lower management) instead of remaining only in upper management. March also emphasized the need to rethink public finance models for the water cycle to avoid repeating the financial unsustainability that led ACA and ATLL to accumulate high levels of debt, which later justified the bidding of a 50 year concession of ATLL in 2012.

Finally, ideas were proposed to ensure access to some basic human rights.

You can find the video of Hug March’s speech here.