Mayo Fuster participa al Share2017 de Nova York

The head of the research group Dimmons has been invited to speak at the "Share. The Sharing Cities Summit", which took place on 17-19 May in New York. Organized by the City of New York, the summit is a meeting point for cities to talk about the politics of sharing economies. Among those attending are the vice mayors of Paris, Amsterdam, etc.

Hosted by New York City Deputy Mayor Alicia Glen, Share 2017 brings together 50+ senior policy makers, thought leaders, and industry executives from cities around the world to discuss the most important issues we face as the sharing economy takes on a more prominent role in urban life to learn about, discuss, and share strategies related to:

•  Collecting data and using it to drive policy decisions
•  Empowering and protecting workers
•  Protecting consumers and equal access
•  Ensuring market fairness for businesses 
•  Preparing for the future impact of technology on labor trends
The goal is to help each other embrace the opportunities and confront the challenges that we are all facing related to the sharing economy.
Mayo Fuster participated on the seminar "Topic 1: Data Collection and PolicyMaking", talking about the Procomuns project, and the public policy of the Barcelona City Hall, and aswering questions such as "How can we encourage data sharing between cities and companies? How can we use sharing platform data to improve policy decisions?"
Additionally, on 23rd May, she has been invited to the Berkman Klein Center, of Harvard University, to give a presentation on sharing economy.