Neix LaT, el Laboratori de tecnopolítiques pel bé comú

LaT: the Laboratory of Technopolitics for the Common Good launched on 1 June with the aim of becoming a meeting place and reference point for people, projects and communities in research and technology who have a critical vision and are focused on the common good.

LaT is a centre for critical practice and thinking on technology, subjectivity and society. It seeks to be a catalyst for projects and communities of learning, research, development and technological prototyping aimed at social transformation and the common good. It is a stand-alone project deriving from collaboration between three groups: the independent research network TecnopolíticaBcn, the technology company ThoughtWorks and the Technopolitics/CN&SC research group at the UOC’s IN3.

The laboratory, located in the heart of Barcelona’s 22@ district, is a project focusing on critically analyzing the current modes of production and use of technologies; exploring new trends in the intersection between technologies, subjectivity and society; promoting thought, research and prototyping projects and projects for the design of free technologies for the common good; strengthening technopolitical communities and networks of learning, knowledge and action; and contributing to the common good of its immediate surroundings, Poblenou, Barcelona and the planet.

Its current projects are:

Virtual Reality Hub (VRHub)

Virtual reality applied to public policies, the common good, climate change, gender and art.
An initiative devoted to concentrating talent, opportunities and knowledge in the field of virtual reality from a social perspective.

Future Barcelona

Algorithms for the common good. Charting the city for our granddaughters.
A call to imagine possible futures for the city and municipalism from a technopolitical, transversal and common-people approach.


In the intersections between gender and technologies, feminisms and cyberspace.
Past, present, future: a cycle to visualize spaces of cyberfeminist action and to facilitate the diversity of gender in the technological field.


Technopolitics of design and practices for the common good.
Neighbourhood makers: we will conceptualize, design and build tools and devices for the urban environment as a common good.


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