Quadrivia: the first trivia game for university students

The UOC has created a pioneering app in education so that university students can learn by playing. It is called Quadrivia and it is similar to the well-known Trivial Pursuit. Players have to answer multiple-choice questions with four possible answers, of which only one is correct. Open to the whole of the university community and to anyone with a higher education profile seeking to try out their knowledge, the initiative reinforces the commitment made by the UOC to provide students with different learning resources.

Quadrivia has over 30,000 questions, which have been produced by UOC professors on 16 different bachelor's degree courses: Business Administration and Management, Social Education, Law, Humanities, Computer Engineering, Multimedia, Catalan Language and Literature, Information Science, Psychology, Telecommunications Technology, Labour Relations, Marketing and Market Research, Tourism, Communication, and Anthropology and Human Evolution. "In the medium term," Llus Pastor, director of the UOC eLearn Center, explains, "Quadrivia will go one step further and group questions by course, as well as including other studies such as master's and postgraduate degrees."

Game dynamic

The questions mix work, case studies and theoretical knowledge based on skills work. "The app is a fun learning experience that can be done anywhere – a bus or a train, for example – using a mobile, and not just on a computer, where it could be defined as learning by playing", explains Pastor. To play, you just need an Internet connection.

It works very simply: the user has to choose whether to answer questions from a specific bachelor's degree or from various mixed bachelor's degrees, and then if they are going to play on their own or against an opponent, who could be a friend or someone chosen at random by the app. "Pairings are done between people with a similar level of knowledge", Pastor adds. There are two game modes: The "combo", which asks seven consecutive questions, and "timed", where you have to answer as many questions correctly as you can in a minute.

The game has ten difficulty levels (beginner, novice, amateur, average, competent, skilled, expert, professor, master and doctor), which players will reach as they accumulate points. Once the game is over, the student is given a diagnosis of their level of knowledge and they can see where they are in the ranking of all the app's users.

App Quadrivia UOC Media from UOCuniversitat on Vimeo.

Free on Android and iOS

Quadrivia can be downloaded on both Android and iOS and is free. Users can play in Catalan or Spanish, and they can access using their Facebook profile, a Google profile or, if they are a UOC student, with the University's address.



Photograph of Llus Pastor Prez

Llus Pastor Prez

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