ACCIÓ is funding three valorization projects corresponding to the results of three UOC research and innovation projects
Rubén Permuy

In total, nearly 85,000 euros have been awarded to the University for the three projects being coordinated by the specialists in Knowledge Transfer & Entrepreneurship at the Knowledge Transfer and Research Support Office (OSRT). In order to promote their marketing via patent licence and other intellectual and industrial property rights, funding has been given to two UOC projects, "Access protocol to the medium for device communication" and "Audio Watermarking".  

Access protocol to the medium for device communication is a system for optimizing internet access among devices, which improves efficiency through improved management of collisions, in other words, the interference among data being transmitted over the Internet in real time. The invention applies to cable and wireless networks where the medium is shared. Promoted by Xavier Vilajosana and Pere Tuset, researchers of the Wireless Networks (WINE) research group, part of the IN3, the technology falls within the sphere of the Internet of Things. 

Audio Watermarking is a technology for concealing information in audio signals which is imperceptible to the human ear, but can be extracted with electronic devices, such as mobile phones or tablets. This relates to data such as promotional codes or content information. The inventor of this technology is David Megías, principal researcher of the K-riptography and Information Security for Open Networks (KISON) research group, also part of the IN3, of which he is the director.  Both projects are protected by international patents.

Funded through the line addressed to technology marketing projects via the creation of technology companies, the UOC augmented and virtual reality project (ARlab) offers - through its technology and experience in its application - new opportunities for organizations and companies to improve the communication of their brand strategy, the efficiency in the marketing of their products or attractions and the interactive communication with the users of their services. ARlab is specifically designed for organizations operating within the sectors of education, culture and tourism, among others. Its director is Luis Villarejo, an expert at UOC Technology. In February, ARlab was present in the UOC stand at 4 Years From Now (4YFN), the international event for technology start-ups, part of Mobile World Congress.