Catalan universities promote a new research portal
An arena for the uniform dissemination of their research work

On 23 January, Jordi Baiget, Minister for Business and Knowledge of the Government of Catalonia, was presented the new Portal de la Recerca de les Universitats de Catalunya (Catalan Universities' Research Portal, PRC), an open-access website coordinated by the Catalan University Service Consortium (CSUC), with the aim of collating and disseminating in one arena the research results from Catalan universities. The new portal houses the data recorded in the universities' scientific information management systems, so the UOC can contribute the information from the Researchers' Website (GIR), with 400 research projects, 4,500 articles in science journals, books and chapters, 300 theses and working documents of 336 of its researchers and 55 research groups.

In this way, the UOC is participating in promoting a portal that will contribute to increasing access to the research results of its R&I personnel and to raising the profile of the quality of the research work of the Catalan system as a whole.

Cooperation between universities

Marta Aymerich, Vice President for Strategic Planning and Research at the UOC, states that the UOC's participation in the Catalan research portal “is an example of cooperation between universities and that it is, in addition, in line with the UOC's integrated research and innovation plan, which collates the work and the results that are sought by both the IN3 and the eLC and by every faculty”.

Next steps

The CSUC and the participating universities are working to include new functions and new data, such as statistics, funded project types, participation at conferences, patents and information from research centres that are not yet taking part.

The UOC provides an email address,, for anyone to send appropriate comments and suggestions to improve this new arena.