A study by the UOC analyses the design of collaborative Physical Education activities among several schools

Rubn Permuy
Applicable to other school subjects

"We have found that collaborative design of teaching activities among teachers from different centres using ICTs may help reduce pupils' lack of interest and motivation to learn", says Meritxell Monguillot, a secondary school Physical Education teacher and holder of a UOC Master's Degree in Education and ICTs (E-learning).

"Thanks to cooperative work among teachers and the possibilities offered by the ICTs, we can transform many aspects of the educational system to adapt it to current needs and go beyond, for example, just memorizing contents", adds Monguillot, who defended her doctoral thesis on this subject on 7 June at the UOC.

With the title Com dissenyar, implementar i avaluar situacions d'aprenentatge mediades per TIC a Educaci Fsica a travs de la col·laboraci docent (How to design, implement and evaluate ICT-mediated learning situations in Physical Education through teaching collaboration), Monguillot has analysed, implemented and evaluated six learning situations in Physical Education, with the cooperation of teachers from other secondary schools, namely, Mare del Div Pastor, Prez Iborra, Virolai and  Institut Vall d’Hebron. As an example, one of the learning situations designed collaboratively was "We're running to Paris", in which the four schools accumulated the total number of kilometres between Paris and Barcelona through different activities involving aerobic endurance. This collaborative design of teaching activities using ICTs "can be applied to other school subjects", Monguillot suggests. The methodology applied took into account four areas of knowledge: syllabus, teaching theory, personal and technology.

Meritxell Monguillot was awarded a mark of excellent cum laude for a thesis supervised by Montse Guitert, professor at the UOC's Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences, and Carles Gonzlez Arvalo, Barcelona INEFC Centre.