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UOC degree students can obtain a 180-ECTS-credit bachelor's degree
The University of Andorra (UdA) and the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (Open University of Catalonia, UOC) have agreed to strengthen the collaboration that the two universities have undertaken since 1996 and allow UOC degree students to obtain an Andorran 180-ECTS-credit bachelor's degree. Currently, UOC students, as with those at the rest of the universities in Catalonia and Spain, have to study 240 ECTS credits to graduate.

Initially, these dual-certificate qualifications will be offered for the Business Administration and Management, Law, Humanities, Computer Engineering, Catalan Language and Literature, and Communication programmes, but the aim is to increase them to other qualifications progressively. UdA President Daniel Bastida and UOC President Imma Tubella signed a new addendum this Thursday to the Framework Collaboration Agreement between the two universities in the presence of Andorran Education, Youth and Sports Minister Roser Su. To date, the collaboration between the two institutions allowed Andorran students to obtain an official Spanish qualification alongside their Andorran qualification. This addendum, then, makes the agreement reciprocal.

The UdA and the UOC stressed their desire to aid student mobility as much as possible within the context of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) by establishing procedures that let their respective students obtain (after having met the prior requirements for admission) the corresponding official qualifications from Andorra and Spain.

The EHEA in Andorra and Spain

The Bologna process has led to the creation of the EHEA and brought on changes in the legal frameworks in Andorra and Spain. The UdA and the UOC have adapted their collaboration in line with the regulations arising from the EHEA and the new educational systems (bachelor’s/undergraduate degree, master’s degree, doctoral degree).

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Adaption to the EHEA has led to two different qualification systems in Spain and Andorra. In Spain, the first or degree cycle has 240 European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) credits over four years, and the second or master’s degree cycle 60 ECTS credits over one year. In Andorra (and France, with its licence), the first or bachelor’s degree cycle has 180 ECTS over three years, and the second or master’s degree cycle 120 ECTS credits over 2 years. Given the different systems, specific pathways have to be defined so as to allow students to obtain dual-certificates for the qualifications in question.

Students successfully completing the study programmes they have enrolled on, and who meet the prior admission requirements established by the academic legislation in force in each country, will receive an official Andorran bachelor’s degree from the UdA and an official Spanish degree from the UOC.

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