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Technology Infrastructure


What the technological infrastructure is

It is the set of hardware and software on which are supported the various services that the University has to put in place in order to carry out all of its teaching, research and internal administration work.

The hardware consists of such diverse elements as the air conditioning and current stabilizers in the data centers, sensors, cameras, the large-scale computers that act as applications servers, the network elements, such as routers or firewalls, personal computers, printers, telephones, etc.

The software ranges from the operating systems (a set of computer programs designed to address a number of basic functions essential for the administration of the equipment), the systems software (general-purpose applications needed for the specific computer applications of the services to work, e.g. databases, applications servers and office automation tools).

What  the UOC's technological infrastructure is like

A large part of the UOC's work rests on technology, so maintaining a solid and modern technological infrastructure has always been a strategic point for the university. This comprises two sturdy and secure data centers, and latest-generation computers and network elements, along with the best-positioned systems in the market, with a firm commitment to open-source software and open systems.

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