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The UOC has more than 250 servers in operation, between production, pre-production, development and testing environments.

The server infrastructure is fundamentally distributed. Depending on requirements, distribution is usually by component, i.e. separation of server farms by web servers, applications servers, database servers, etc., which share multiple applications or services. In other cases, due to their requirements, some applications or services have dedicated servers

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The standard of our servers is x86 architecture with dual quad-core processor. Only in special cases, such as databases with a greater load, we use servers with a larger number of processors.

We have been committed for some time to server virtualization. For this, we use two technologies: XEN as open source and Vmware as proprietary. The main aim of using virtualization is to make better use of the hardware resources. It also improves productivity, as a server can be configured in minutes, and it also helps servers management, permitting live migration of servers and with less recovery time in the event of a contingency.

As regards the operating systems, most of our servers work under linux, primarily Ubuntu. For the database servers, we use Red Hat and the virtualization platform runs on SUSE. We also use Solaris and Windows in certain services, depending on the requirements of the applications.