How does the enrolment process work?

The UOC has various methods of enrolment depending on the type of studies that the student wishes to follow. In order to access the information on the enrolment process, the student should consult the specific page of the corresponding qualification.

Before enrolment, you first need to submit an inquiry application. Students will receive a username and password to access the Virtual Campus before they begin their course. This primary learning space offers access to all university resources.

When can I apply to the university?

The UOC offers students the option of starting their studies at two different times which correspond with the university’s two academic periods.

Semestral enrolment in the UOC means that it is possible to apply in either of the two semesters of the academic course. Therefore, you can fill in the application form in the periods shown in the table below.

Enrolment dates and the dates of associated procedures vary depending on the type of course the student wants to take. 

Academic offer Application begins Academic semester begins
Bachelor degrees and 1st and 2nd cycle studies April September
October February
Postgraduate training June October
December March
Open programmes All year round All year round
How much does enrolment cost?

The enrolment fee depends on the qualification that the students want to enrol in. The final price includes everything necessary for studying at the UOC: the learning resources and materials, the teaching, access to the Virtual Campus and to all of its services, exam fees, etc.

The UOC offers various forms of payment so that the student’s entry into the university is made as easy as possible.

What are the entry requirements?

The UOC's entry requirements depend on the qualification or course that the student wants to study. The student should consult the prior academic requirements for each qualification to find out the various entry channels.

For further information:

Contact our training advisors if you have any specific questions not covered here or if you need additional help in choosing or applying for a program of study.