Training for companies, customised training and projects - UOC Business Area - Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (Open University of Catalonia, UOC)

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University and business
Customised training

Training for companies, customised training and projects

The UOC: able to accommodate the full range of corporate training needs

The UOC offers companies and institutions an extensive selection of training options in a variety of the University's knowledge areas, making it easy for company employees to participate in the educational environment and offering advantageous payment and invoicing terms.

The UOC is internationally recognised as a pioneering university in the use of e-learning technologies. In order to make the idea of lifelong learning a reality and in light of the need to strengthen the University's ties to the business community, one of the goals that the UOC has pursued for more than 15 years has been to offer tailored solutions for companies and/or organisations in the spheres of training, communication, development, improvement and competitiveness.

Spanish and international organisations from across a wide range of industries have relied on the UOC to meet their training needs.

These years of accumulated experience have allowed the UOC to design, test and implement a model for working with companies based on trust and collaboration. The model allows us to craft exactly the right technological solution, methodology, content and resources to maximise the impact of the training action and ensure the best results.

We aim to be a leader in corporate training, offering companies comprehensive, quality service characterised by:

  • The prestige that the UOC has earned in its over 15 years of experience.
  • A specialised team of experts with experience in a wide range of industries and in all types of made-to-measure services for organisations.
  • The proven success of our unique processes, services and research.