Benefits of customised training - UOC Business Area - Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (Open University of Catalonia, UOC)

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University and business
Customised training


Benefits of customised training

Own faculty and an extensive network of external collaborators

The UOC has a team of 150 lecturers specialised in different knowledge areas, as well as an extensive network of external teaching staff drawn from the worlds of business and academia.

Virtual Campus

The UOC's customised training programmes are conducted through the Virtual Campus, which is the UOC's own training platform. This virtual environment has benefited from the UOC's continuous technological and educational innovation since the University's founding in 1995.


The UOC's model makes it possible to adapt different features of the training to each group's specific needs:

  • Contents: Teaching is based on UOC training programmes and content. Additionally, new specific content is created within the framework of the UOC's main knowledge areas.
  • Mixed model: Although the UOC's educational model is primarily based on e-learning, mixed models (online and onsite) are available for customised training programmes.
  • Schedule: The length, start date and end date of a training programme can be adapted to meet different needs.

A model that caters for professionals

Some 95% of UOC students are actively employed. That is why the UOC model is specifically tailored to accommodate people who work. Moreover, as a result of its accumulated experience, the UOC is fully aware of its students' motivations, needs and ability to make new time commitments.


The UOC's customised training programmes allow students to achieve a variety of goals:

  • Receive the necessary specific training according to each group's needs.
  • Hone their digital skills by making intensive use of ICT.
  • Develop the independence and habits required to continue to pursue lifelong learning.

University community

Participants in the UOC's customised projects are afforded the same rights and benefits as any other student in the UOC community: access to the library, cultural activities and perks, professional development resources, areas to meet up and exchange ideas, etc.

University certification

The customised training programmes have been validated by the academic directors responsible for each knowledge area. Consequently, students who pass the assessment tests are awarded a certificate issued by the UOC.