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University and business
Associate institutions and companies

On-site library

Presential library

Access to the Biblioteca de l'Internet Interdisciplinary Institut (IN3)

UOC Associate Companies enjoy access to the on-site library specialising in the information and knowledge society (IKS), located in the Mediterranean Technology Park in Castelldefels (Barcelona).

This library is part of the Research Resource Centre (CR2), a centre designed specially for the Internet Interdisciplinary Institute (IN3) and geared towards research into the network society and e-learning.

The main subjects covered by the work of the CR2 include:

  • Network society
  • E-learning
  • Knowledge management
  • Knowledge economy and network company
  • E-health
  • E-law
  • E-goverment and e-administration
  • E-cultures
  • Networking technologies

The CR2 on-site library is also the depositary library for the scientific production of Professor Manuel Castells.

In order to access the on-site library and to reserve the consultation space, UOC Associate Companies employees should send their request in an e-mail to empresas.asociadas@uoc.edu.