Networking - Associated institutions and companies - Open University of Catalonia (UOC)

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University and business
Associate institutions and companies


Networking activities

Networking and discovery

The UOC Associate Companies Network is a good setting for bringing together interests and discovering synergies and projects that we can develop together with the aim of contributing value and improved competitiveness to ourselves. These projects can be situated in the following line of action:


  • Advice in drafting educational plans for the company.
  • Bespoke design and development of virtual education for the company.
  • Collaboration on UOC educational programmes.
  • Creation of virtual environments and communities.
  • Participation in research and innovation projects about the knowledge society.
  • Collaboration on –and sponsorship of– presential or virtual projects or activities.
  • Incorporation as an active member of the advisory panel for educational programmes.
  • Creation of cooperation projects for development and solidarity virtual volunteering.


  • Business breakfast [june 2007]
  • General meeting of institutions and corporate partners [april 2007]
  • Business breakfast [february 2007]