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About the UOC

A unique educational model

The value of the model

Students' learning is active, accompanied at all times by the teaching staff, in collaboration with classmates, with support from tools and resources, and with competency-based assessment.

The student, at the centre

It is a model that revolves around the design of spaces, resources and dynamics that favour learning.

Praise from students

93.4% would choose the UOC again.

90% sucess rate.

Accolades from companies

A 92% employment rate.

82% have jobs that are related to their studies.

An educational model that has won international awards

Premis i reconeixementsTwo gold awards, one silver, one bronze and one for leadership at the Learning Impact Awards. These awards from the IMS Global Learning Consortium recognize innovative initiatives that contribute to improving education worldwide.

The UOC in figures

  • > 54,022 students

    > 58,792 graduates

    > 6,438 virtual classrooms

    > 3,692 teaching staff

Inclusive and socially responsible

Social responsibility

The UOC is committed to social responsibility. It is one of the institution's core values and forms part of all its areas of activity.

  • The leading Catalan university and third Spanish university in terms of the number of students with disabilities.
  • Awarded a Gold Medal by the Spanish Red Cross for its work educating people in the values of integration, tolerance, peace and coexistence.
  • Awarded the Fem.talent prize for promoting gender equality.

Contact and offices

Do you have any doubts about the UOC? Contact us and we’ll sort them out.

Organisation and Governing bodies

The UOC’s organizational structure and governing bodies to hand.