EHEA Qualification Design in the UOC - Open University of Catalonia (UOC)

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Bologna process (EHEA)
EHEA at the UOC

Qualification Design in the UOC

The implementation project of an official qualification adapted to the EHEA has three very different phases: one phase is the qualification design, another is the subject’s implementation and development phase, and the third phase is subsequent to implementation and involves a public assessment of the adaptation of the subject to certain quality criteria that enable the accreditation to be achieved.

The UOC has implemented various internal initiatives in order to guarantee maximum quality in adaptation process to the European Higher Education Area. With regard to the first phase, an internal protocol for the design and preparation of proposals for bachelors and masters degrees adapted to the EHEA has been defined, which ensures the fulfillment of some phases and has the participation of the teaching staff and management teams.

Agents involved

The design process of qualifications has mobilised the creation of the following commissions which, since the beginning, have had to look after the quality of the proposals.


Procedure: equipment and tools

The protocol of the UOC for desigTechnical Qualification Approvationning qualifications adapted to the EHEA also defines the various phases and periods of the process which are summarised in the following diagram.