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Bologna process (EHEA)
European Higher Education Area

Structure of the Studies

The structure of university studies has been divided into three cycles in the Spanish State: bachelor, university master and doctorate, as shown in the following image



This allows the student to obtain the official graduate degree and its aim is to provide general education in one or several disciplines, oriented at preparing the student to carry out professional activities. It is necessary to have completed 240 credits to obtain it.

All bachelor degrees are ascribed to one of the following fields of study:


  • Arts and Humanities
  • Science
  • Health sciences
  • Social and legal sciences
  • Engineering and Architecture

The study programme contains a minimum of 60 ECTS credits of general studies, at least 36 of which are linked to subjects of the area of knowledge to which this bachelor’s degree is ascribed. In addition, all bachelor degrees include a final thesis which may have between 6 and 30 ECTS credits.

> See diagram of bachelor’s degree structure.
> Consult FAQs on bachelor degrees


Masters studies aim to provide the student with advanced education that is specialised and multidisciplinary, oriented at academic or professional specialisation, or promoting research task initiation.

It is necessary to complete a minimum of 60 credits to obtain the university master’s degree. However, the study programme of some masters degrees may increase the number of credits to be completed to a maximum of 120 credits.

> See diagram of master’s degree structure.
> Consult FAQs on master and doctorate degrees.


Doctorate studies aim to give the student advanced education in research techniques. They may include courses, seminars and other activities oriented at research training and they include the preparation and presentation of the corresponding doctorate thesis which consists of an original research project.

Completion gives the student the right to obtain the doctorate degree, which is still the maximum graduate level.

> Consult FAQs on master and doctorate degrees.