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About masters and doctorate degree


What new masters degrees does the UOC offer?

The UOC currently offers four Official Masters degrees: Education and ICT (e-learning), Open Programme, Information and Knowledge Society, and Occupational Risk Prevention.

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Is it possible to access a new master’s degree with a diploma or degree qualification?

Yes, the official qualifications corresponding to the former classification: bachelor degree holder, architect, engineer, university diploma holder, technical architect or technical engineer have access to the masters adapted to the EHEA.

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What are the objectives of masters degrees?

Masters degrees aim to provide the student with a high education level, specialising both in a specific area and in interdisciplinary studies, in order to improve the specific competences in a professional field or discipline. Research is included in these fields; a master’s degree can be included as part of the studies to obtain a doctorate degree.

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Is it possible to have interuniversity postgraduate programmes with a joint qualification issued?

Yes. The universities involved will have to sign an agreement beforehand that specifies which of the participating universities will be responsible for processing the students’ files and also the issue and registration of an official joint postgraduate qualification, or whether each university will issue the corresponding qualification.

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Who decides the number of credits for a master’s degree?

The university responsible for organising it, taking into account that the number of credits that the students have to complete in order to obtain the master’s degree will be a minimum of 60 and a maximum of 120.

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What are the objectives of doctorate degrees?

Doctorate degrees aims to provide the doctoral candidates with advanced education in research procedures and techniques. To obtain the doctorate degree, the student has to prepare and present the corresponding doctoral thesis which consists of a Science project with original research results.

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Can the doctorate be a specific unit of post-graduate programmes?

Yes, the doctorate can be a specific unit distinct to the programmes oriented at obtaining masters degrees. Universities will be free to establish these specific units when criteria such as the following deem it appropriate: the number of doctoral candidates and researchers involved, the complexity of the educational activity or the international dimension of the doctoral stage of a post-graduate programme.

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What is the structure of doctorate studies?

Doctorate programmes include an academic and a research period. The academic period will involve 60 ECTS which may be masters studies (from one or several master’s degrees) or university academic activities specifically designed or selected for the doctorate programme.

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What is the length of doctorate studies?

The length of doctorate studies is not regulated. According to the criteria generally accepted in Europe, an average of three years of full time study is considered to be reasonable.

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