The Board of Trustees is assisted by the Consell (Council) of the FUOC, the consulting body of the Foundation, as per the Agreement dated 28 th December, 1995, of the Generalitat de Catalunya, in which the composition and functions of the Council were approved (Resolution dated 8 th January, 1996).

The Llei de reconeixement (Law of Recognition) of the University provides for the creation of the Council in order to guarantee a broad representation of Catalan society in the UOC. In addition to the tasks of assessment and connection with society, the role of the Council of the FUOC is to inform about the budget, scheduling and the nomination of the Rector of the UOC.

Along with the Rector of the UOC and the Director of the FUOC, the Board is made up of representatives from the Catalan Parliament, from other public Universities, from business and trade union organizations and diverse personalities from the fields of research and culture. It, therefore, comprises a broad representation of Catalan society, which the University, as a provider of a public service, has both the willingness and the duty to serve.

Assessor Council

The president of the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya

The chief Executive Officer of the Fundaci per a la Universitat Oberta de Catalunya

 Nominated by the Catalan Parliament

Designated by the Interuniversity Council of Catalonia

Designated by business organisations

 Designated by trade union organisations

Nominated by the Board of Trustees

The President is named by the FUOC Board of Trustees from among the Council members.

The Council Secretary is the FUOC Secretary, and has an advisory role.