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UOC Alumni, the UOC graduate community, is a forum for knowledge, personal enrichment and lifelong learning based on a growing dynamic and networked community using information and communication technologies.

What is UOC Alumni?

UOC Alumni is the initiative that aims to bring together and provide services to the University’s graduate community. Its mission is to aid access to open, adaptable, flexible and continuous education.

It acts as the catalyst for relations and communication, creating and strengthening the links between the UOC and its graduates; wherever they may be, whatever they may do professionally or socially.

Who forms part of UOC Alumni?

The UOC graduate community now accounts for almost 27,000 people in 60 countries. Almost 6% of our graduates have taken more than one official course at the UOC and nearly 25% of our graduates continue to study.

When do I become a member of UOC Alumni?

You become a member of UOC Alumni when you complete your diploma, degree, postgraduate, master’s degree or doctorate studies at the UOC. The UOC’s commitment to its graduates does not come to an end when they gain their qualification: we are linked by a feeling of mutual belonging that lasts a lifetime.

We will always be university students. It is a process that does not come to an end; instead, it is a state of mind that accompanies us throughout our lives. This is the lesson we have learned from our graduates and it is the value that the UOC Alumni network recognises in itself.

When you complete your studies, you automatically go on to form part of UOC Alumni, the graduate community.


As a graduate, you have shown that you are capable of overcoming obstacles, showing discipline and acquiring knowledge, and you are a reflection of the growing importance of ICTs, e-learning and the knowledge society. Joining UOC Alumni means maintaining the university spirit and forming part of a project that sees learning as a lifelong activity, an activity that affects your personal, professional and social life.

The following services are available to you as an alumna of the UOC:

For your continuous lifelong learning

  • Access to the Virtual Library
    • Access to the catalogue
    • Borrowing privileges
    • Library support
    • Book searches, including bibliographic recommendations
    • Open electronic resources
  • Updated versions of teaching materialsfor classes you’ve taken.
  • Access to conferences and activities.
  • Discounted classes at the UOC. formacin en la UOC

Access to the Alumni network

  • Alumni directory
  • Reunions and meetings in your area
  • Online UOC alumni group participation (LinkedIn, etc.)

For your professional career

  • Access to job listings, offers, training
  • Services for companies
  • Use of regional centres, including room reservations, computer and Wi-Fi access, library support.


  • Use of regional centres, including room reservations, computer and Wi-Fi access, library support.
  • Exclusive discounts with commercial partners.