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UOC Apps
  • My Mobile UOC

    My Mobile UOC

    My Mobile UOC is the UOC Virtual Campus app for mobile devices. It lets users easily access classrooms, see whether they have any new messages in the mailbox, view the learning resources in all the available formats and manage any appointments they have in their agenda. It also lets users keep up-to-date with everything going on at the UOC through the News section or the alerts.

    Disponible en AppStore    Google Play

  • UOC ON

    UOC ON

    UOC ON provides a virtual forum for members of the UOC community around the world, letting them find each other, communicate and express themselves. This social tool aims to promote community spirit and a feeling of belonging. It is designed to aid communication between members, to help people get to know each other and to establish professional and personal links within the community. Simply enter your Campus username and password to sign in. Once inside, you can select privacy and language options, and show your profile on the map. 

    Wherever you are in the world, you can search and, no doubt, find someone from the UOC community closer than you might think.

    Available on AppStore    Google Play

  • Explica!


    Explica! is an app for tablets that lets you record video and your comments while you write on documents, making your explanations much more visual. The Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (Open University of Catalonia, UOC) has developed Explica! so that faculty and students can teach and learn, but it is also designed to be used beyond the boundaries of education. You can use Explica! to explain things in videos that you couldn't explain with words alone, and share these videos with whoever you want by email or via social media. More information.  

    Available in the AppStore  Google Play

  • Xnes II

    Xines II (Chinese II)

    This iPad application offers a sample of the subject materials for the Chinese Language course from the UOC’s Centre for Modern Languages. The UOC’s Centre for Modern Languages wants to let people study languages regardless of their prior knowledge or studies. You can improve your foreign language skills thanks to the flexibility offered by e-learning.

    Disponible en AppStore