Challenging Knowledge. The University in the Knowledge Society, by Gerard Delanty
Max Senges (
Coordinator for Internet Governance Issues
The objective of the book Challenging Knowledge. The University in the Knowledge Society by Gerard Delanty analyse the historic development of the university, looking at it using a triple lens: the sociology of knowledge, social theory and the idea of university. As such, the book is meant to make the reader rethink the question of the universitys identity by discussing the changing relationships between knowledge, society and democracy. Therefore Delanty is publishing a work which can be described as a historical theoretical review, which allows him to discretely take position and transmit his understanding of where this development leads.
type three knowledge, idea of the university, postmodern university, public sphere and university, cultural citizenship, technological citizenship, reflexive capacity building
Vol. 2, no. 2
Submission date:
December 2005
Published in:
February 2006
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