Call for papers

Barcelona, 3 and 4 July 2012

Contributions connected to the general subject of each Network are welcomed. To take part in the contribution selection process, authors should submit an abstract (between 500 and 900 words) indicating one of the following Network:

Network 1: Communication & Learning in the Digital Age

Relevant topics:

  • Relationships and interactions between communication and learning
  • Creativity, entertainment and the use of audiovisual technologies in learning
  • Participative culture and learning in the digital age
  • Social networks and virtual communities
  • Videogames and virtual worlds
  • Conceptual proposals and innovative practical experiences in e-learning.
  • Skills and strategies for e-Learning in a participative culture

Network Coordinators

Sandra Sanz
Open University of Catalonya

Amalia Creus
Open Univesity of Catalonya


Network 2: Public Relations & Society

Relevant topics:

  • PR, networks, and social media: How are you experienced, or what does the exponential growth of social media mean for educators and practitioners?

  • PR Identity: Is there, or should there be, a "socio-cultural turn" in PR? Does PR run the risk of becoming a sub-branch of sociology? The poor social reputation of PR (and what to do about it)

  • The role of CSR in PR-society relations: Do different cultures and different histories lead to different PR-society relations?

  • In an age of globalization and transnational institutions, who are the key stakeholders for PR

Network Coordinators:

David McKie
The University of Waikato

Jordi Xifra
Universitat Pompeu Fabra

Ferran Lalueza
Universitat Oberta de Catalunya


Sending a contribution

To take part in the contribution selection process, participants should send an abstract of between 500 and 900 words to the coordinators of the Network in which they wish to present the contribution. These should be sent using the submission form that includes the following sections:

  • Title of the proposal
  • Authors,
  • Institution
  • E-mail address
  • Network in which they wish to give the presentation
  • General description (presentation, objectives, methodology and results)
  • Bibliographical references

Proposals should be presented in English or Spanish. The science committee will be responsible for the contribution assessment and selection process, which will be conducted following a blind peer assessment process.

Presentation formats

Papers: Oral presentations lasting 15 minutes followed by a debate. All the sessions will include the support of a coordinator responsible for organising the presentations and chairing the debate among the participants.

Flash talks: Oral presentations lasting 5 minutes that will be held in the plenary hall. We propose a dynamic presentation format that focuses on the presenter's performance and seeks to break away from the structure of a formal presentation.

Posters: Posters will be displayed throughout the whole conference in the area set aside for the Network meetings. Authors will have a time slot previously specified in the programme for exchange with the other participants.

When submitting their contribution, authors may state their preferred presentation format. In any event, the science and organising committees reserve the right to adjudicate the final format of each contribution according to the suitability of the proposal and the conference agenda.


All works accepted, if participants consent, will be published in digital format. Similarly, the conference organizers will invite a selection of the best papers to take part in a scientific publication coordinated by the scientific committee. We are also exploring other publication possibilities.


Submission of abstracts: UNTIL 24 MARCH 2012.
Notification of acceptance: 30 MARCH 2012.
Submission of full text: UNTIL 8 JUNE 2012.


Early enrolment (reduced): UNTIL 30 APRIL 2012.
Enrolment deadline (full): 15 JUNE 2012.