Barcelona, 3 and 4 July 2012

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Plenary Sessions Network 2

Plenary Session 1: Looking for the Needle of Public Relations in a Disciplinary Haystack

We look where we can, to as many disciplines as are available, for insights regarding the role and practice of public relations as a power resource and source of power in society, community large and small. But drawing insights does not diminish the uniqueness of the discipline, which in modernity seeks to make organizations and power individuals efficacious, and in post modernity presumes to make society fully functioning as a place where organizations and power individuals can be successful for the good of community. And, in that context, public relations is challenged as a practice and academic discipline to reciprocate the intellectual growth of the disciplines from which it draws.

Chaired and led off by Professor Robert L. Heath, University oh Houston
Dr Lee Edwards, University of Leeds
Professor Juliet Roper, University of Waikato
Paul Willis, Leeds Metropolitan University

Plenary Session 2: Seeking for Edges: Boundary Markers and Public Relations

What counts as PR? What doesn?t count as PR? And why should anyone outside the field care? The questions are not innocent boundary marking but raise issues with academic, job, and practitioner implications. In terms of professions, PR in the US emerged out of territorial disputes with journalism and still engages in demarcation disputes today with marketing and Web2.0 experts. In terms of time: when did public relations start historically and what is its place in contemporary society? In terms of space, how do concerns with boundaries vary between nations. This session features speakers from different countries seeking edges for PR in the past, present, and future.

Chaired and led by Professor David McKie, University of Waikato
Professor Tim Coombs, University of Central Florida
Professor Sherry Holladay, University of Central Florida
Professor Judy Motion, University of New South Wales

List of all paper presentations Network 2

Opening Keynote

Dr. Christy Dena

I am the Director of Universe Creation 101 - a company where I am developing my own creative projects and entertainment services, as well as consulting on cross/transmedia projects. I present and run workshops worldwide on transmedia design. I've written a PhD on transmedia practice, and I blog war stories at

Confirmed Keynote Speakers Network 1

Dr. Steve Wheeler

I am Associate Professor of learning technology at Plymouth University. I chair the Plymouth e-Learning Conference, and I serve on the editorial boards of ten international journals, including the open access publications Research in Learning Technology (formerly ALT-J), Digital Culture and Education, and IRRODL. I am the chair of the UNESCO-sponsored IFIP WG 3.6 (Distance Education). I am a Fellow of the European Distance and e-learning Network (EDEN) and a member of EDEN's NAP steering group.

Dr. Steven Warburton

I am Senior Lecturer in Technology Enhanced Learning at the University of London and a Fellow of the Centre for Distance Education within the International Academy where I chair the research strategy group. I have worked on a range of projects, including Rhizome - digital identity project. Currently I am working on OERs in academic development and ePublishing and eBooks development models. My research interests are focussed on questions of identity in online learning, the dimensions of space and time in multi-user virtual environments social presence, social networking, the changing notion of community and finally the sociology of emotion.

Cultural Programme

The conference cocktail of the BCN Meeting #2 will take place on Tuesday 3rd of July at 8.30 pm on the Monument Terrace, a spectacular terrace with exceptional views over the Passeig de Grcia. This terrace is located on the roof of the Hotel Condes de Barcelona (Monument building - Passeig de Grcia, 73-75, 6th floor-), from where you will enjoy a beautiful view of the city.

The cocktail will be offered by Martn Berasategui, one of the Spanish greatest chefs.

Social program also includes a guided cultural visit to the Barcelona Modernist quarter that will take place on the 4rd of July after the conference ending.

For further information about the cocktail, click here.