1st International Congress on Conflict, Conflict Resolution and Peace
Initiatives and projects for living in peace

The congress is organised on two days of reflection and work on the different areas of application for conflict resolution.

DAY ONE: 22 October 2007


9.00 a.m.
9.30 a.m.
Welcome address (Auditorium)
Ms. Imma Tubella, Rector of the Open University of Catalonia
09.45 a.m.
Opening conference (Auditorium)
Mr Federico Mayor Zaragoza, former UNESCO Director general, currently President of Fundacin Cultura de Paz : Democracy and World Citizenship: Virtual Participation
10.30 a.m.
Mr. Basil Albadri, LAONF Network Coordinator, Bagdad, Irak: Resisting fear: Iraqi non-violence week
11.00 a.m.
Coffee break
11.30 a.m.
Session on


Mr. Ian MacDuff, Director, New Zealand Centre for Conflict Resolution, Victoria University of Wellington , New Zealand: From Digital Deals to Cyber Citizens: ICT, Online Dispute Resolution and Civic Dialogue

Mr. Dietrich Fischer, Academic Director, European University Centre for Peace Studies (EPU), Austria: A Master's Programme in Peace and Conflict Studies

Ms. Natalia Shelaru, Administrative Director, TRANSCEND Peace University , Romania: Peace and Development Education -Theories and Case studies

Ms. Gemma Xarles i Jubany, Coordinator of the Virtual School for Latin America and the Caribbean, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP): The UNDPs Virtual Environment in Latin America and the Caribbean for Capacity Development and Community Creation in Human Development and Democratic Citizenship.

Ms. Cinta Pluma, Project manager, Campus for Peace and Solidarity and Ms. Carme Anguera, Administrative Director of Post graduate Studies in Conflictology and Cooperation , International Graduate Institute- Open University of Catalonia: Presentation of the Networks of Peace and Conflictology University Centre Director and Conflictology Research Centres.
1.30 p.m.
Lunch break
3.30 p.m.
Parallel sessions on:


Ms. Yuviza Martnez Hernndez, Organisation Proceso de comunidades negras en Colombia: The situation of afro descendant youth in Buenaventura, Colombia

Mr. Darrin Wood, Representative of the World Security Forum: The New Paradigm of the Worlds Armed Forces: the End of State Industrial War

Ms. Meeri Jaarva, Director of Operations, Conflict Management Initiative, Helsinki: Resolving conflicts by cooperation between Track II actors and regional organisations: the case of Aceh

Mr. Lluis Paradell, Cabinet Member of the Public Security Secretariat of the Home Office, Institutional Relations and Participation, Catalonia . Assistant Police Inspector, Mossos dEsquadra Police Force of Catalonia: Presentation of the Network on Police Conflicts new approach on police and conflicts, towards non repressive police intervention methods

Mr. Manuel Grriz Martnez, Technical Director, Cabinet of Human Rights and Centre of International Humanitarian Law, the Spanish Red Cross in Catalonia : Armed conflict and humanitarian action, as viewed by the Red Cross


Ms. Miriam Subirana, President of Brama Kumaris in Spain , and Mr. Enrique Sim, Vice President of Brama Kumaris in Spain: Paths of peace: open dialogue and silent comtemplation

Mr. Alain Gonzlez, Vice Director general of Soka Gakkai in Spain : The human revolution: a path to peace

Mr. Thubten Wangchen, Director of the Foundation Casa del Tibet , Barcelona: Spiritual value for peace

Mr. Jos Luis Surez, Evangelic Minister of the Mennonite Community of Barcelona and Member of the Diacona de Paz y Mediacin : Construction of relationships to promote a culture of peace

Rabbi Daniel ben Itzjak, Director of the Virtual University of Judaism, Director of the Alef-Jojm Group, Translator of the Tor, the Talmud and the Midrash : A Kabbalistic Vision of the Inevitability of Conflict
5.00 p.m.
5.30 p.m.
Parallel sessions on:


Ms. Marte Hellema, Regional coordinator, European Centre for Conflict Prevention and International Secretariat of the Global Partnership for the Prevention of Armed Conflict (GPPAC), The Hague, Netherlands: Presentation of the Global Partnership for Prevention of Armed Conflict (GPPAC)

Ms. Agnieszka Komoch, Fundraising Director and Responsible for the Brussels Office of Nonviolent , Brussels, Belgium: Presentation of the Nonviolent Peaceforces work to increase the scope and professionalism of civilian unarmed peacekeeping

Mr. Jochen Schmidt, Consultant at Forum Civil Peace Service, Bonn, Germany, and representative of the European Network for Civil Peace Services (EN.CPS) and the European Peacebuilding Liaison Office (EPLO), Brussels, Belgium: European efforts to build and promote nonviolent conflict intervention alternatives

Mr. Luca Gervasoni, Representative of the Non-Violence Peace forces NOVA: Presentation of NOVAs Active Non-violence


Presentation of different Conflictology projects by students who have graduated from the International Master course in Conflictology of the Open University of Catalonia:

Ms. Carme Anguera, Administrative Director of Post graduate Studies in Conflictology and Cooperation, International Graduate Institute, Open University of Catalonia: Presentation of the masters and graduate programmes in the areas of humanitarian cooperation, peace and sustainability.

Ms. Marta Burguet Arfelis, University lecturer and Coordinator of the Internacional Masters porgramme on Conflict Resolution, Open University of Catalonia (UOC), Re-conciliation versus Division

Ms. Judith Muoz-Sabat: Management and positive resolution of family conflicts in family companies

Mr. Marcos Munhoz Dias: Creation of a free online alternative conflict resolution service for personal conflicts

Mr. Antoni Salvans Correas: Creation of a municipal conflict resolution service in the city of Vic

Mr. Josep Soler Serra: The educational context: learning of pro-social behaviour through sports

Ms. Marta Ponce Mas: An educational initiative of the Matar Councils Citizen Mediation Services on conflict resolution, addressed to education professionals, parents, pupils and staff.
7:00 p.m.
End of day one


DAY TWO: 23 October 2007


09:00 a.m.
Opening address day two Mr. Eduard Vinyamata, Director of the Campus for Peace and Solidarity, Open University of Catalonia
09:30 a.m.
Parallel sessions on:


Mr. Xavier Badia, Director, Office for the Promotion of Peace and Human Rights of the Generalitat de Catalunya : The process of creating the Catalan International Peace Institute

Mr. David Minoves, Director General for Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Action of the Generalitat of Catalonia

Mr. David Ulises Guzmn, Mayor of Municipality of Cuautiln Izcahi , Mexico: Conflictology as a public policy to reach municipal governability.

Mr. Rafael Luna, Member of the Catalonian Parliament : Presentation of the Network on Political Conflicts

Ms. Maria Gas de Cid, Communication and Quality Responsible, Ciutat Vella district, Barcelona Public Administration, and Mr. Francesc Osan, Advisor of the Diputacin de Barcelona on Diplomacy between Cities: Local governments role in peace building.

Ms. Ana Barrero, Documentalist, Fundacin Cultura de Paz : Presentation of the Network on Culture for Peace proposals for cooperation


Ms. Immaculada Armadans, Lecturer at the Department of Social Psychology, University of Barcelona : New spaces: mediation in the sphere of elderly people

Ms. Anna Vall, Director of the Family Mediation Centre of the Generalitat de Catalunya : Operations and Objectives of the Family Mediation Centre of the Generalitat de Catalunya

Ms. Elena Cobler, Responsible for the Programme on violence of the Reus City Police: Presentation of the Network on Gender Violence

Ms. Begoa Gamero, lawyer (civil and commercial law): Project presentation: creation of a virtual office offering consultancy, support and orientation for citizens on their rights, and for resolution of their conflicts

Mr. Jim Melamed, Co-founder and CEO of Mediate.com: Learn from Our Mistakes - The Hard Realities of Growing Mediation in the US
11.00 a.m.
Coffee break
11.30 a.m.
Parallel sessions on:


Mr. Jose Luis Olaizola, President of Somos uno : Presentation of Somos Unos work combating child prostitution in Thailand

Mr. Agust Colomines, Director of the Catalonia UNESCO Centre : UNESCO and cultural mediation.

Mr. Pablo Pareja, Lecturer on International Law, Pompeu Fabra University, Representative of the United Nations Association of Spain, ANUE: United Nations Association of Spain and the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Mr. Jordi Calvo i Rufanges, Researcher of the J.M. Dels Centre for Peace Studies: Presentation of the campaign: for a BBVA without weapons!

Ms. Rosa Massagu, Representative of Reporters Without Borders , Spain: Conflicts and media

MEDIATION (continued)

Mr. Lorenzo Prats, Professor in Law and Director of the post graduate course in Mediation, University of Cantabria , Spain: Presentation of the Network on Legal Regulation of Mediation

Ms. Marta Poblet, Researcher at the Institute of Law and Technology, Autonomous University of Barcelona : Presentation of the Network on Law, Mediation and Reconciliation

Mr. Josep Redorta, Lawyer Mediator, Dr. in Social Psychology and international expert in conflict management : Presentation of conflict analysis methodology oriented towards intervention

Mr. Javier Wilhelm Wansztein, Mediacin y Convivencia , a company focusing on the implementation and management of public mediation centres: Mediation from the perspective of local administration: a shift from paternalism to co-responsibility

Mr. Rafael Manzanera Lpez, Director General of Health Resources, Health Department of the Generalitat of Catalonia and Mr. Josep Roma Milln, Health Mediation Project Advisor, Universitat of Barcelona. Health Department of the Generalitat of Catalonia: Health Mediation Projec: Creation of Mediation Systems in Health Organizations.

Ms. Rosa Heras Fortuny and Ms. Eva Monge Baciero Coordinator, Health Institute of Catalonia: Implementation of an alternative conflict prevention, mediation, and management unit at the Health Institute of Catalonia

1.30 p.m.
Lunch break
3.30 p.m
Parallel sessions on:

Mr. Ferran Barri, President of SOS Bullying: SOS Bullying proposals to deal with harassment in schools

Mr. Josep Puig, Psychologist and expert of FEDALE - The Catalan Federation of Associations against Harassment in the Work place and in Schools : Harassment in the workplace or Mobbing

Ms. Marga Lalande, Psychologist: Presentation on Burn out

Mr. Josep R. Reig and Mr. Antoni Plou, EQUANIM Consultants: Solving company conflicts, feasibility for companies, and Presentation of the Conflictology Experts Association a must for professionalization

Mr. Michael Schneider, Secretary General of the International Centre for Mediation and Conflict Resolution , CIMARC: What are the key elements for extending the use of professional mediation for mercantile and business conflicts?
Mr. Josep Maria Canyelles, Representative, Corporate Social Responsibility : Integration of complexity in a Socially Responsible Territory


Ms. Slvia Banchini, Architect and Codirector of the Master Programme Intelligent Coast (FPC): Presentation of the Network on Town-planning Conflicts

Mr. Oriol Nello, Secretary of the Territorial Planning Department of the Generalitat of Catalonia. Not here! Territorial Conflicts in Catalonia.

Ms. Anna Rosa Martnez, Greenpeace Delegate for Catalonia: Els Muntanyans II The Administration against the Environment

Mr. Jos Luis Escorihuela Ulises, Gaia Education: Eco villages: more community, less conflict

5.00 p.m
5.30 p.m

Ms. Nelsa Curbelo, Director, Corporacin SER-PAZ , Ecuador: An example of intervention in organised juvenile groups which use armed violence
6.00 pm
7.00 p.m
End of congress


*to be confirmed

Please note that Campus for Peace and Solidarity reserves the right to make modifications in the programme