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 Curriculum Vitae
Faculty of Economics and Business
Inma Rodríguez Ardura
 Associate Professor of Marketing
 Director of the Digital Business Research Group
Av. Tibidabo, 39-43
08035 Barcelona (Spain)

Dr Inma Rodríguez-Ardura is an Associated Professor of Marketing at the UOC. She teaches digital marketing and e-commerce courses within the UOC's Faculty of Economics and Business and is a professor of the UOC's Doctoral Programme in the Information and Knowledge Society. She is also the Director of the UOC’s Digital Business Research Group or DigiBiz, which is officially accredited as a Consolidated Research Group. In addition to this, Dr Rodríguez-Ardura is a part-time faculty member at the University of Miami Business School.

At the UOC, Dr Rodríguez-Ardura has coordinated the Marketing Area of the Faculty of Economics and Business (1996-2008); and created and been Director of the Master's Programme in Marketing Management (2003-2009), and the Bachelor's Degree Programme in Marketing and Market Research (2002-2009). Moreover, she has served as Director of the University Master's Programme (2002-2006), and the Doctoral Programme in the Information and Knowledge Society. Her work designing and developing courses in marketing has led her to coordinate and author over thirty didactic materials.

Dr Rodríguez-Ardura has completed visiting scholarships at the RCC-University of Harvard (2000); at the University of Oxford, as Visiting Fellow of the Oxford Internet Institute (2010-2011); at Babson College, Boston, as Visiting Professor (2012); and at the UOC’s Internet Interdisciplinary Institute, as Resident Researcher (2012-2013). Furthermore, she has served as a faculty member at the University of Barcelona (1995-2002), and has taught master’s courses and seminars at a number of universities.

Dr Rodríguez-Ardura’s research interests lie in the areas of entrepreneurial digital marketing, online consumer experiences, and marketing for e-learning. She has carried out 25 research projects funded by Spanish, European, and international institutions; and has presented her research at over sixty scientific meetings and conferences. She has served as a co-editor for special issues on social e-commerce (International Journal of Electronic Marketing and Retailing), and qualitative methods for digital marketing (Journal of Theoretical and Applied Electronic Commerce Research); and has organised some international scientific meetings. She currently seats on the editorial board of the Journal of Theoretical and Applied Electronic Commerce Research and serves on the editorial review boards of other eight journals.

Dr Rodríguez-Ardura’s research has appeared in numerous impact journals including Behaviour & Information Technology, British Journal of Educational Technology, Computers & Education, Computers in Human Behavior, Electronic Commerce Research and Applications, IEEE Transactions on Professional Communication, Information and Management, Information Society, Interactive Learning Environments, International Journal of Engineering Education, Internet Research, and the South African Journal of Business Management.

She has authored the books Marketing digital y comercio electrónico (Pirámide), y comercio electrónico en la sociedad de la información (Pirámide/Esic), and El marketing y el éxito en la empresa (Pirámide); and has edited Principios y estrategias de marketing, and Estrategias y técnicas de comunicación: una visión integrada en el marketing (Ediuoc). Moreover, she has co-authored scores of research books and textbooks.

Additionally, Dr Rodríguez-Ardura’s activity has been awarded official accreditations as Associate Professor and as Private University Professor, three merits in teaching and one merit in research by the Catalan University Quality Assurance Agency (AQU). She has received a number of awards and grants including the best paper award by the International Conference on Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Marketing and Consumer Behaviour (2016); the Complutense University of Madrid’s Grant for Scholars at Spanish Universities for Harvard – CEPSA and ICO Foundations Chairs at RCC-Harvard University (2000); and the José Castillejo Fellowship (2010-2011).

Areas of interest for doctoral thesis supervision

Digital marketing and consumer behaviour: user experiences and engagement on social media, flow states, presence feelings, the impact of eWOM on consumer’s decisions.

Current research interests

Digital marketing, online consumer experience, social e-commerce, marketing for online education.