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Arts and Humanities Department
Roger Martínez Sanmartí
Av. Tibidabo, 39-43
08035 Barcelona (Spain)
rmartinezsaa r r o b
Born in Barcelona – not called Manuel, though –, has a degree in Information Sciences and also in Political Science and Sociology (Autonomous University of Barcelona). He is a lecturer at Open University of Catalonia since 2002, where coordinates the area of Sociology of the Studies of Arts and Humanities. He had previously been Batista i Roca Fellow at Fitzwilliam College at Cambridge University (1998-2000); lecturer at the Sociology Department of the Autonomous University of Barcelona (2001-03); and Resident Researcher at the During the year 2010-11 I'm at the  IN3 Reserach Institute  
In the field of research, I'm part of the GRECS research group (Group in Culture and Society Studies), and have carried out research mainly in the fields of youth studies, youth cultures and cultural consumption. The underlying interest of all this research is the forms of cultural production, through the meanings attached to commodities, of identities linked to the hierarchies of social advantage and disadvantage in contemporary society.
In 2007 I finsished my PhD thesis  Taste in music as a cultural production. Young people, musical geographies and the imbrication of social hierarchies in Birmingham and Barcelona (2007 — see pdf) about how young people and the industry around popular music in Birmingham and Barcelona culturally produced social geographies related to music and imbricated with local history and social structures.