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Did you know that simply because you are a member of the UOC community, you can consult thousands of books, articles, journals, videos and databases? You will find them all in the UOC Library and they have been hand-picked for their quality and relevance to the university's fields of study.

Welcome to the UOC Library
Come with us to find out about all the resources and services that the Library has to offer. There are tips and tools for preparing activities and final projects. The search engine makes it very easy to find the information you need or, if you prefer, you can browse the resources available by field.

Here are some reasons why you should log in:

  •  You'll have access to reliable, quality digital content, accessible from any device 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  •  You'll find specialized information for your field of study.
  •  Our Library services can help you find information or expand your searches when an article or a book is not available through the search tool.
  •  Have any questions? Write to The Library Replies and we'll get back to you within 48 hours.
Log in to the Library now and take a look around!
In the Library, you'll find a wide variety of resources (audiovisual materials, websites, databases, podcasts, etc.) from all the fields of study covered by the UOC, from a 360º atlas of the human body to a virtual art gallery with images from the best museums.

There's also:

How can you log in to the Library?
  • Sign in to the Virtual Campus and click on the Library tab.
  • Go straight to
The Library also forms part of the UOC's classrooms and many of its contents can be found in the Learning Resources section of the Virtual Campus.

Would you like to find out more about the UOC's learning resources? Take a look at the Library's learning resources overview page and discover examples of the different types of resources on offer, video testimonials from students and tutors, how they're produced, etc.

To stay up to date on the Library's latest news, follow its Twitter account, @UOCbiblioteca.


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