And afterwards??

Afterwards, UOC Alumni, the graduate community, awaits you. It's an open community full of challenges and opportunities, in which your active, participatory and central role is key to creating a space for your lifelong professional and personal growth.

What is UOC Alumni?

UOC Alumni is the UOC's community of graduates, made up of more than 104,000 professionals spread across over 140 countries and connected with an extensive list of companies and organizations working in all sectors and fields.

This is your community, your space – made by you and for you. To stay connected, network, receive entrepreneurial support and resources, continue to update your skills and competencies with professional and thematic webinars, attend meetings and enjoy the Alumni Symposium. We are a transformative global community.

What resources does UOC Alumni offer to help me find a job and continue my education?

As a member of Alumni, you'll continue to have access to the Career Center, the UOC's leading platform for guidance and careers. It includes the job bank, which offers privileged access to new job offers every day. If your company's looking for new talent, you can also post job offers. When you post your vacancy, you'll be reaching out to the 200,000 people in the UOC's community of students and graduates.
You can also take part in the Online Employment Fair that we organize at the UOC every year, where students, graduates, companies and leading professionals fromeach field come together.
As a member of UOC Alumni, you will always have a special advantage: you will benefit from discounts of up to 15% to continue learning at the UOC, which can be added to other discounts offered by the university.

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Will I still be able to access the learning resources I used when I studied at the UOC?

As a member of the Alumni community, you have many options: you can join the academic community as a course instructor or tutor, as a UOC Alumni ambassador actively involved in the activities organized within the community, or as a mentor to other students or graduates, among other possibilities.

You set the limits in the UOC Alumni community. You can constantly improve as your circumstances permit, by professional networking and connecting with people who can help you. If you are an enterprising person and have a project in mind or under way, you will find the support and personalized advice you need to get yourself ready, create your business plan and make your dream come true.

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