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El gal·lès al Regne Unit  
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Entrance to the websites of the National Assembly for Wales and the Welsh Office, plus Network Wales, an index to information on Wales. The latter lists as categories: property, education, arts, current affairs, jobs training, government, tourism, business, and society.
Welsh Language Board. Information about the Welsh language, statistics, language planning activities.
Discussion site on politics and history of Wales. Current items include: Welsh language, home rule, water, the monarchy, and local government.

General information about celtic languages
Gaelic and Gaelic Culture
CELTICA. Website on Celtic languages, history and culture.
Manx and other Celtic Languages
Gaelic/Celtic Linguistic Index
Bilingual site with information and links re. several aspects of Gaelic language: organizations, news and TV, education, culture & heritage, events, kids corner, and the National Mod music festival.
Irish Language Board. Aims, links, and Irish learning resources.
This page is dedicated to the social and economic development of the Gaelic language in Nova Scotia and around the world.
Gael-linn. Cultural, social and economic organisation founded for the promotion and development of the Irish Language.